Graduate studies


Graduate studies last two semesters (60 ECTS). Students can choose one of 8 study programs and within different study groups – modules.

Information systems and technologies

  • Information systems
  • Information technologies
  • IT management

Operations research and computer statistics

  • Operations research
  • Computer statistics

Software engineering and computer science

  • Software engineering
  • Computer science

Management and organization

  • Management
  • European business and management
  • Management of development
  • Marketing engineering
  • Multimedia communication and PR
  • Business systems organization
  • Business intelligence and decision making
  • Financial risk management
  • Human resources management
  • Project and investment management
  • Engineer economics

Management (humanities and social science)

  • Management
  • Marketing management and public relations
  • Human resources management
  • European management and globalization
  • Financial management and financial risk management
  • Project management
  • Management in education

E-business and systems management

  • E-business
  • Organizational systems management
  • Cyber crime

Quality management

  • Quality management
  • Quality engineering
  • Environment quality systems

Engineer and operations management

  • Engineering management
  • Entrepreneurial management of SME
  • Computer integrated manufacture and logistics
  • Eco-management

Joint master study program Management in Administration

Study program Management in administration is a joint degree program with Faculty of administration, University of Ljubljana. Studies last for two semesters (60ECTS) and are organized through four study groups: Management of Human Resources, Informatics in administration, Management of local self-government, and Quality management in public sector. Students must finish part of their studies at partner institution. More information can be found at programme’s website: