Postgraduate studies

Professional master studies


Study program is designed to deliver contemporary education to profesional masters that will be able to succesfully apply skills and knowledge. Study program is offered trough eight study groups: Project managment; Arts and culture management; Public relations and multimedia communications; E-business; Management; Financial management; Eco-management; Marketing management; and Human resources management.

Postgraduate academic studies

Organizational sciences

Study program offers students specifics of research work in organizational science field.


Program consists of several study groups with curriculum that was developed over years within postgraduate studies with Faculty of Medicine, Farmaceutical faculty and Faculty of Philosophy of University of Belgrade.


Information systems and management

Study programe of PhD studies offers students contemporary scientific knowledge. It is in compliance with vision, mission and goals of the Faculty, but also with contemporary science in the world in this scientific field. Studies last three years and are awarded 180 ECTS.

Study program integrates fields of organization, management and information systems. Elective courses are organized in several study fields:

  • Information systems
  • Management
  • Operations research
  • Software engineering
  • System management
  • E-business